Los Altos Affordable Housing Alliance

Educating and inspiring the Los Altos community to build affordable housing for our workforce

OUR VISION of a diverse, equitable, and vibrant city includes housing for all ages and all life situations – young people, families with young children, middle aged professionals, and seniors.

WE ARE long term Los Altos residents who believe that our City’s well-being depends on expanding housing options for all.  We stand for facts and solutions, collaboration and impact.  We need more housing at all income levels, both rental and ownership units.

OUR GOAL is for Los Altos to produce 1,200 units of affordable housing in 10 years


* Today less than 1.5% of the housing stock of Los Altos is accessible to moderate and low income families. * Currently, 93% of the essential workers who serve Los altos have no housing option in our community. * We have a moral and social obligation to build more housing as do all cities in California due to our housing crisis and our failure to build adequately over the past decade. Recognizing this obligation, the State recently created the 2031 RHNA target for Los Altos - 1,958 total units of which 1,115 should be available to moderate and low Income households. We endorse this target as fair and necessary.


* We seek to educate through communications and events by sharing facts, best practices and real solutions. * We keep the City accountable for designing, promoting and implementing a deliberate plan for additional housing for all. This includes accountability for the creation of and adherence to our Housing Element (2023-2031). The city must aggressively seek out opportunities to build affordable housing, and aggressively work to bring it to fruition. * We elevate best practices of Production, while we set ourselves up for Protection and Preservation in the future. Namely, we believe in smart density increases across Los Altos, increasing multi-family units in more areas, clear and streamlined processes for developers, inclusionary zoning, and linkage fees. * We seek to bring our community together to reach affordable housing goals

Los Altos, a Place to Call Home?