Who we are:

We are a group of Los Altos residents and friends committed to providing new housing options affordable to our workforce. These workers include teachers, city employees, public safety workers, hospital employees, retail and restaurant workers and others.

The Need:

The Bay Area’s housing crisis makes the news almost everyday.

The current supply of affordable housing in Los Altos is extremely limited. We are almost halfway through the 2015-2023 RHNA(1) affordable housing timeframe, and only 7% of the City’s affordable housing units have been built.

Both public and private employers cannot attract and retain workers because of the high cost of housing and long commutes to Los Altos.

Our Challenge:

We seek to educate the Los Altos community about the importance of providing affordable housing and to engage our citizens in achieving our goals.

We seek a range of solutions, including public private partnerships, creative financing models, zoning modifications, promoting ADUs and using city land to build an affordable development.

We work with the Los Altos City Council and Staff, as well as a range of collaborating organizations to achieve our goals.

Los Altos, a Place to Call Home

Picture at top of page:  Franklin Street Family Apartments, Mountain View. The site has 51 units built on 1.03 acres.

(1) RHNA is Regional Housing Need Allocation